About Us

True Assist® provides a free search service for senior care. Connecting you and your loved ones to the proper assisted living communities, in-home care providers, and other senior-related care providers and resources. Accomplished by using a process that efficiently narrows down your local options in the most reliable and effective manner – this proven system takes our partnered providers and customizes your matches based on your specific needs, lifestyle, interests, and more.

True Assist® was established because we know that finding real help and getting the honest facts is very challenging. This is what sparked our values, what we stand for, and why we always aspire to provide families with nothing less than true assistance.

Since inception we’ve always aimed to provide the truth and actual facts about everything in realm of long-term care. Our proven system is a blend of technology and personal touch that was meticulously created to make sure we really get to know you, what you want, and what you need. We even supply you with trusted tools and resources that will aide in helping you understand everything you need to know and that’ll get you connected to the entire elder care community like never before. 

We welcome you to join our family and experience the comfort and peace of mind knowing that you’ve chosen the care plan that’s truly best for you and your next step in life.

Live your best life. Discover Your True Assisted Living Match.

The True Assist® Difference

Get connected to Truly Safe quality communities and care providers in your area (we pre-screen each one of our partners and receive regular updates from the state licensing department).

Receive the actual True Facts about assisted living communities, in-home care providers, and everything else in the domain of senior care (all of our information is substantiated and verifiable).

Have a caring and experienced professional available to help you and provide you with True Assistance 24/7 (Certified Assisted Living Experts who can advise, guide, and support you from start to finish).

Gain access to Trusted Resources in your area to make certain the transition goes as smooth as possible (includes: movers, transport, medical supplies, physical therapists, hospice care, and more).

Obtain the updated availability of providers and secure your personalized and discounted True Price (we can help negotiate any upfront costs, entrance fee’s, pricing, and make sure you get the best final rate).

Save a bunch of time by using our proven system to efficiently narrow down your local options so you can quickly yet effectively discover your True Match (a process designed to personalize your top matches).

A completely free service to use since 2016.

Our partners compensate us after they provide services to you.

Service area: Continental United States.

True Assist® headquarters are located in Los Angeles, CA.

Safety is our top priority. We pre-screen each one of our partners and receive regular updates about every provider that we work with (always check with your states licensing department before moving forward with any care provider services).